RPMs 2016

Four Regional Platform Meetings will take place in 2016:

  • Scandinavia, Copenhagen, 15 December 2015
  • Southern Europe, Thessaloniki, 29 January 2016
  • North West Europe, Amsterdam, 11 February 2016
  • Central Europe, Vienna, 25 February 2016

More information about each meeting, including agendas and presentations will shortly be available below.




4th FUSIONS Nordic Regional Platform Meeting


Time: 15 December 2015

Venue: DFDS A/S, Dampfærgevej 30. 2100 Kbh Ø


FUSIONS RPM Copenhagen Participants

This year, the FUSIONS North West RPM took place on December 15 in Copenhagen, Denmark. An overview of FUSIONS activities were presented in the meeting. Participants heard latest news about food waste research in FUSIONS project and Nordic countries. The meeting was organized by Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), the regional FUSIONS coordinator for the Nordic countries and Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark partner of FUSIONS.

FUSIONS Agenda - Nordic RPM

The presentations, pictures and summary of the meeting are available below.


North-West Europe


4th FUSIONS North-West Regional Platform Meeting

Topic: Reducing food waste across the EU: stakeholder collaboration to acheive a transparent and sustainable food supply chain
Time: 11 February 2016
FUSIONS RPM Amsterdam Participants
This AMS-sponsored event, hosted by BIO by Deloitte focused on addressing how to build trust across the food supply chain to collectively reduce food waste (with a focus on the retail sector and policy) and how entrepreneurial efforts and social innovation can further contribute to a transparent food supply chain. 
At the RPM, keynote speakers from both the retail and entrepreneurial sector along with break-out sessions allowed for fruitful discussion. Time was also left to for a presentation on “Life after FUSIONS”, to give a close to the last North-West RPM and to shine light on how to stay involved on EU food waste issues, including staying tuned in with the new EU food waste project, REFRESH. 
Furthermore this RPM has been planned to fall just after the Amsterdam hub Food Surplus Entrepreneurs Network’s Food Waste Challenge event on 10 February. During this event, and in preparation for the 11 February RPM, participants have been challenged to come up with innovative start-up ideas aimed at reduce food waste. At the end of the day, teams participated in a pitching competition. The winners of this pitching competition presented to experts (present at the EU FUSIONS RPM on 11 February) and received feedback afterwards to implement their idea.
FUSIONS Agenda - North West RPMThe presentations of the meeting are available below:

Southern Europe


4th FUSIONS Southern Regional Platform Meeting

Time: 29 January 2016
Venue: Thessaloniki City Hall, Thessaloniki, GreeceCooperating with Municipality of Thessaloniki
This year, the FUSIONS Southern Regional Platform meeting took place on January 29 in Thessaloniki, Greece.
An important element to the successful delivery of FUSIONS is the establishment of the FUSIONS Multi-Stakeholder Platform. Utilising the evidence, policy and behavioural change recommendations from the delivery of the key activities within FUSIONS, the Platform will enable, encourage, engage and support key actors across Europe in delivering a 50% reduction in food waste and a 20% reduction in the food chains resource inputs by 2020. Platform Members are organisations with an interest in preventing food waste and optimising food use through (social) innovation throughout the food supply chain, from primary sector to waste management, from industry to governmental and societal organisations. The aim of the FUSIONS Platform is to organise the stakeholder consultation process during the project on the following topics:
  • Quantification and harmonisation of monitoring
  • Policy
  • Feasibility, best practices
  • Sharing knowledge / communication
The results of the FUSIONS Platform stakeholder consultation process will feed in the policy and regulation making processes of the EU, and count as stakeholder input to these processes. The Regional Platform meetings are open to all stakeholder organisations and are free of charge. Membership is not obligatory, although we would like your organisation to commit to the same ambitions as the FUSIONS Project: reducing food waste through social innovation. Through the Platform, we ask you to contribute your knowledge and share your experience of working to reduce food Waste.
FUSIONS Agenda - Southern Europe RPMThe presentations and pictures of the meeting are available below:

Central Europe


4th FUSIONS Central Europe Regional Platform Meeting