Global Voices Detail Priorities for Food Loss and Waste Reduction in 2016

Summary of outcomes of the 2015 Series of International Conferences on Food Loss and Waste Reduction

2016 comes on the heels of a hallmark year in the global Food Loss and Waste (FLW) movement. For the first time in a decade of heightened advocacy, record seven high-level meetings were organized to discuss and debate scenarios and solutions for Food Loss and Waste reduction on the international stage.

 In the Middle East, The Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority supported the Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture which hosted a well-attended conference that highlighted the role valorisation can play in FLW reduction. Agritech Israel, the premier agricultural expo in Israel, mobilized postharvest loss experts working in agro-technology, to explore novel technical and scientific solutions to issues such as improving food systems in areas such as transport and shelf-life.