“SAA SYÖDÄ!” – “LICENSE TO EAT” (  Finland)

The aims of the project were to present people the value of food, to raise their awareness on the wasted food problems, and to help them pay attention to their food buying habits. Other aims was to find out whether sharing food with neighbours could reduce food waste in terms of sustainability and to find out how much and what kind of food people are ready to share. Occupants visited the food sharing point more than hundred times during the three-month-long experiment. There were at least 30 different occupants who took food from the food sharing point.
Most of people visited the food sharing point more than once and took more than one item at the same time. Occupants brought food 19 times, mainly tea, pasta, chocolate, vegetables and fruits, but also home cooked meals. The retailer brought food six times, mainly vegetables, bread and milk products, but also meat and other meat products and ready meals. All the food brought to the food sharing point was taken away.

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