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FUSIONS measures the environmental and socio-economic impacts of food waste!

FUSIONS latest report ‘Criteria for and baseline assessment of environmental and socio-economic impacts of ‪food waste’ is now online!

FUSIONS has developed the criteria and a baseline assessment of environmental and socio-economic impacts of food waste. Few highlights of our findings:
  • Food waste related emissions in EU-28 is approximatively the equivalent of Netherlands’ total ‪‎GHG emissions in 2012
  • Estimated amount of vitamin C lost in a year as a result of food waste, corresponds to a daily intake of 90 million people
  • Comparative analysis: micro- and macro-economic theory, behavioural insights, and scenario analyses reveal new insights
  • Food redistribution plays a key role in improving food security and integrating marginalised social groups within the society

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Register now for FUSIONS Regional Platform Meetings (RPMs) 2016!

FUSIONS has amongst its objectives to establish appropriate multi-stakeholder platforms on European, regional and national levels based on existing and new infrastructures, to facilitate discussion between key stakeholders in the food chain, to build consensus and to develop recommendations on monitoring practice and socially innovative measures for food waste prevention and reduction.

To this end, four RPMs and one European Platform Meeting (EPM) are scheduled for 2016. The fourth Scandinavia Platform Meeting already took place in Copenhagen on 15 December 2015. View more information about FUSIONS Southern Europe, North West Europe and Central Europe Regional Platform Meetings on FUSIONS website (agenda, venue, etc.)!

Come join the debate!

Thank you for your participation in FUSIONS Scandinavia Platform Meeting in Copenhagen!

The 2016 FUSIONS North West RPM took place on December 15 in Copenhagen, Denmark. An overview of FUSIONS activities was presented during the meeting.

The meeting was organized by Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke), the regional FUSIONS coordinator for the Nordic countries and Stop Wasting Food movement Denmark, partner of FUSIONS.
Thank you for your participation!

Latest European Food Waste Policy News!

In December 2014, the European Commission decided to withdraw a pending legislative proposal on waste, as part of the political discontinuity exercise carried out for the first Work Programme of the Juncker Commission. The new Circular Economy Package was published on December 2nd. This more ambitious package includes key actions to reduce food waste including a common measurement methodology, improved date marketing, and tools to meet the Sustainable Development Goal to halve food waste by 2030.
FUSIONS has already been working on developing a common methodology for food waste measurement and will release early next year a Quantification Manual for EU member states.
Not very long after the launch of the Circular Economy Package, the host country of the COP21 adopted a law on food waste which was scrapped this summer. This legislation was voted unanimously at the French National Assembly and the Senate vote will take place early 2016.

Contribute to FUSIONS Country Reports Consultation on national food waste Policy - Group B!

The FUSIONS team would like to thank you all for your contributions to improve our Country Reports on national food waste Policy (Group A).
We now need your input on the second part of the consultation, for Group B Countries! The overview of relevant EU legislation and policies was finalized the 25th of June 2015 and can be found here. We kindly ask you to support us in this extensive inventory. Your expertise and inputs on your country’s food waste legislation, policies and initiatives will bring a real added value to the country reports and it will contribute towards achieving a efficient and effective food waste policies across the EU.
Send us your comments and contributions!

Merry Zero Waste Christmas!

Save food and money over the festive season! FUSIONS team has selected some tips for you.

First of all, good food planning is the best way to avoid overestimations. Ask yourself simple questions (how many guests will show up during Christmas dinner? What size of portions do they usually tend to eat?), or try Love Food Hate Waste’s portion planner!
During your Christmas dinner, serve reasonable portions to your guests. A good trick is to serve food in plates of a smaller size.
Last but not least, don’t forget to store your leftovers and to use your creativity to incorporate them in new dishes! Why not cooking a quick “one pot wonder” after your Christmas dinner?
Have a Merry Zero Waste Christmas!

Get involved with FUSIONS!

You made the first step by subscribing to our mailing list, why not get involved with FUSIONS and help us tackle food waste? To do so, you can:

Become a FUSIONS Member: by doing so, you will be able to use our forum and contribute more actively to the FUSIONS community!
Contribute to the FUSIONS forum: tell us more about your socially innovative projects, debate about policy drivers and barriers to reducing food waste, learn more about food waste quantification, etc. Your contribution may be published in our next Newsletter!
Submit your own socially innovative projects to the FUSIONS team: help us promote best practices and share good ideas all across the EU!
Submit your event to FUSIONS Events page: give your event more visibility!

For any other queries, please contact us via email at: eu-fusions@live.com

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