FUSIONS North-West RPM, Paris 26 May

Newsletter 19 July 2024

​​​​Dear FUSIONS Partners,

I am reaching out to you to follow up on the invitation to participate in the FUSIONS North-West Regional Platform meeting which will take place in Neuilly, near Paris, on 26 May.  

Please confirm your attendance to the RPM through the FUSIONS website by May 20. You must login on FUSIONS homepage (using the Login Form) or register with a new account in order to be able to confirm your attendance. You can also sign up by sending an email to mgheoldus@bio.deloitte.fr.

An updated Agenda is provided below:

Back to back with the RPM on 26 May, there is the Food Waste Collab on 27 May in Paris. This event gathers social innovators fighting food waste from across Europe. With this event, the FSE Network offers changemakers a platform to broadcast their innovations to policy makers, industry and researchers. For more information and registration, click here.

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