KOMOSIE (Koepel van Milieuondernemers in de Sociale Economie) is an expertise centre and contact point on ‘being/becoming a social innovative actor around food surplus’ in Flanders. We do this for social organisations, municipalities and social economy companies in Flanders and are supported by the Flemish government.


Our ambition is to develop and support a network of businesses and organizations that deal with the supply, storage, processing and distribution of food surpluses through various channels, in a nutritionally safe and financially feasible manner, while creating sustainable jobs in the social economy, with added value for people living in poverty and a basis for all relevant players. 


Concrete activities that we organize to achieve this are:


-       Act as a helpdesk for all type of questions on the topic and maximally disseminate knowledge and information.

-       Organise a learning network (4x/year) between the social initiatives that are already active in and around food surplus in order to exchange and strengthen expertise. Besides we also organise a learning network specifically for social restaurants regarding food surpluses and other related themes.

-       Organise ‘Welcome-events’ (3x/year) where interested initiatives who wants to start social activities around food surplus get a complete overview of what exists and the various opportunities to start.

-       Develop practical business plans and help with the implementation of them, inter alia with food surpluses from auctions or from the local shops and supermarkets.






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