Stimulating social innovation on food waste

An important aspect of FUSIONS is to identify solutions and test socially innovative projects to reduce food waste across all stages of the food chain. To do so, FUSIONS has set up an online and collaborative Inventory of Social Innovation Projects, which links to projects focused on reducing food waste so that good practices can be shared.

 FUSIONS Feasibility studies Evaluation report (May 2016) This report presents impacts and results of the 7 feasibility studies which have been implemented across Europe as part of FUSIONS to test social innovation measures to prevent and reduce food waste in the food chain. The studies mainly focused on redistribution.
 Policy brief: Key recommendations for policy makers (May 2016) The objective of these Policy briefs is to present results and impacts of the 7 social innovation projects as well as providing simple, practical measures which could be introduced by policy makers at EU, national or local level and the private sector in order to facilitate the scaling up and replication of these activities.
 Policy brief: Key recommendations for the private sector (May 2016)  
 FUSIONS Feasibility studies Evaluation Apenndices (May 2016) The Appendicies present in more detail the project implementation of the 7 feasibility projects.
 Feasibility Study Selection Criteria (January 2014) FUSIONS has launched seven feasibility studies to test how social innovation can be used to tackle food waste, from using the internet to connect those with surplus food to those who need it, through to arranging community-based food preservation events: The report Feasibility Study Selection Criteria summarises the approach taken to developing a process by which to collect and select ideas for the Feasibility Studies.
 How can social innovation help reduce food waste? (June 2013) Socially innovative projects are presented either by country or by food chain sectors (farming; processing; retail; household). The FUSIONS report How can social innovation help reduce food waste? gives details about social innovation initiatives presented in the inventory.


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