BIO by Deloitte

BIO Intelligence Service (BIO) is one of Europe's leading research and consulting firms in the field of environmental management. Since its inception in 1989, BIO has developed tools and methods to measure the health and environmental dimensions of products, which are two main axes of analysis for the food cycle. BIO has a long track record within the agri-food sector, both in policy assessment and as a leader in the life cycle analysis of food products. BIO has considerable experience in dealing with the complexities of environmental problems ranging from media specific issues (pollution of air, water, soil, etc.) to cross-media issues (energy efficiency, waste management, food supply chain, integrated product design, etc.). Since June 2013, BIO Intelligence Service is part of Deloitte Touche and Tohmatsu network and is now called BIO by Deloitte. BIO functions as a centre of excellence and innovation in the field of sustainability within the broader Deloitte network.

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