FUSIONS Newsletter April 2015

Newsletter {27/04/2015}

FUSIONS Members Page

As a new feature to the FUSIONS website, a Members Page has been added to give a Platform to all Members to interact with each other. This Page will allow them to exchange on different thematic topics, to participate to FUSIONS consultations and to send comments on ongoing deliverables.  

In order to make full use of this additional feature, Members will receive an email confirming their log in details to the Members Page. If you represent an organisation interested in becoming a FUSIONS Member, please send an email to eu-fusions@live.com.

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FUSIONS RPMs 2015: how to register?

Every Spring, FUSIONS, with the collaboration of its partners, organises four Regional Platform Meetings (RPMs). The first RPM took place in Oslo on the 22nd of April, and the three others are scheduled to take place in Paris, Bologna and Budapest, respectively. The objective behind these RPMS is to facilitate discussion between key stakeholders in the food chain, to build consensus and to develop recommendations on monitoring practices and socially innovative measures for food waste prevention and reduction.

Members and subscribers are invited to participate in the RPMS provided they register beforehand. More information on how and where to register is available further in the description.

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New French Policy

Food waste in France stands to 7 million tonnes, according to the Ministry of Ecology. The current Prime Minister, Manuel Vals, has commissioned ex Associate Deputy Minister of AgriFood, Guillaume Garot, to present a list of propositions to reduce the amount of food waste by half. On the 14th of April, Mr Garot concluded his suggestions, as a follow up of the 2013 Pacte National Contre le Gaspillage Alimentaire.

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Brainstorming against Food Waste

FUSIONS Member Hispacoop, in collaboration with AECOC (“Mójate contra el desperdicio alimentario”), have come together to fight against food waste. If you are interested to contribute to their brainstorm  of original ideas to reduce food waste, you still have two weeks! 

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A Food Waste Story

"Just eat it" is a documentary whereby filmmakers and food lovers Jen and Grant have delved into the issue of food waste. What they discovered is truly shocking.

Catch a screening of Just Eat It: A Food Waste Story to follow food waste from farms, through retail and all the way to consumers. Our FUSIONS Partner, Tristram Stuart, features in the film!

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Using your smartphone to combat Food Waste: Best Practices in the US

Food security continues to be a global challenge. Edible food is thrown away due to a lack of awareness about effective ways to redistribute it. Several solutions have been proposed to tackle these issues, but many of them have either failed, or have not been properly implemented by the public. Technological advances have now been put in place to raise awareness amongst people who do not know where to direct their unused food.

FUSIONS has compiled a list of mobile applications which are proving to be successful in the United States, and which can be used as examples to be emulated in the European Union.

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Donate Food To Nepal

Help to all those affected in the recent earthquake in Nepal is urgent. You can provide them with food and donate through the World Food Programme by clicking on the link below:

Donate to Nepal


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